With the evolution and rapid development of Electronic Science and the spread of mass media, Pishgamane-Sedaye-Sahne Company by relying on the knowledge of its experienced engineers and technical staff, as well as possessing the most advanced systems in the world has provided valuable services including consultation on the design and implementation of sound systems, lighting, video, CCTV, and interior acoustic to the scientific, culture and art community.
Pishgamane-Sedaye-Sahne emphasizes on providing consulting services for your project after visiting and presenting the best way to equip the project by which the company would be able to continue valuable services to the community which is in line with its policies.

 Overview of services offered by this company is described as follows:

  • Design and running of audio amphitheater and conference centers
  • Design and implementation of paging
  • Design and implementation of cinematic system
  • Design and running  of visual studio systems(Broad Cast)
  • Design and implement systems for recording and playback  in amphitheatre (camera, data projector, screen)
  • Design and implementation of the display system(Outdoor, Indoor and LED)
  • Design and implementation of special lighting for stage
  • Design and implementation of security systems (CCTV)
  • Decorative design and implementation (with consideration of the architectural and aesthetic principles and the acoustic concerts, conferences, lectures, cinema halls, etc)
  • Design and Implementation of decorative and acoustic Studio

Managing Director
Ali Hezar Khani